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Embassy of India
Washington, DC

Chancery                        2107 Massachusetts Avenue, NW,
                                       Washington,DC 20008 Phone: 202 939 7000

Chancery -II                   2536 Massachusetts Avenue, NW.
                                       Washington, DC 20008 Phone: 202 939 9806

Embassy                         2700 Macomb Street, NW, Washington, DC 20008
Residence                         Phone: 202 686 2327 / 2328 Fax: 202 364 2309

Working Hours                 0930 hrs. - 1800 hrs. (Monday through Friday)

Time Difference               10.30 hours (behind IST) - Winter
                                         09.30 hours (behind IST) - Summer

Country Code                  1 (one)

General Information         Dial 411
(Directory Assistance)


Mr. Navtej Sarna

Ambassador's Office

Mr. Pratik Mathur First Secretary (Political) & SA to Ambassador

Mr. Yash Pal Singh SS (PPS)

Mr. T. Rajagopal SS (PPS)

Deputy Chief of Mission

Mr. Santosh Jha

Deputy Chief of Mission's Office

Mr. Rajesham Merugu SS (PPS)

Political Wing

Mr. Mridu Pawan Das Counsellor (Political)

Mr. Gopalakrishnan S Counsellor (Political) & HOC

Mr. S. Raghuram First Secretary (Political)

Ms. Satwant Khanalia First Secretary (Political & Senate Liaison)

Ms. Poonam Gupta Second Secretary (Political)

Ms Savita Garg Attache (PS)

Mr. Rajendra Choudhari Attache (Pol)



Mr. Gopalakrishnan S Counsellor (Political) & HOC

Mr. Vijay Chauhan Attache (Administration)

Accounts Section

Mr. Shalinder Sachdeva (Asst. Accounts Officer)

P K Vaish Attache (Accounts I)

Property Section and Central Registry

Mr. Naresh Kumar Second Secretary (Admin & Projects)

Mr. James Minz Attache (Property)

Commerce Wing

Mr. Puneet Roy Kundal Minister (Commerce)

Mr.Sanjiv Tandon Counsellor (Commerce)

Mr. Sunil Kumar Dhami Second Secretary (Commerce)

Ms. Bharti Rajput Attache (PS)

Consular Wing

Dr. Jaideep Nair Minister (Consular)

Mr.Vinayak Prataprao Chavan First Secretary

Mr. P.C. Mishra Second Secretary (Visa)

Mr. Kuppachi Srikumar (PS)

Mr. C S Rawat Attache (Consular)

Mr. Ashok Kumar Attache (Visa)

Ms. Suman Chawla Attache (Cons)

Mr. Lokesh Kumar Meena Attache (OCI)


Mr. Anurag Kumar Minister (Community Affairs)

Mr. Jeevan Dhiman Attache (PS)

Mr. Naresh Kumar Second Secretary (Admin & Projects)

V K Sethu Madhavan Second Secretary (PPS)

Personnel Wing

Mr. Rajesh Subarno Counsellor (Personnel)

Mr.Rajiv Sahi Attache (PS)



Brig Ravi Murugan ilitary Attache


Air Cmde. P V Shivanand Air Attache


Defence Technology Wing

Dr.Sumit Goswami Counsellor (DT)

Economic Wing

Mr. Arunish Chawla Minister (Economic)

Mr. Nilkanth Avhad Counsellor (Eco)

Ms. Karamjeet Kaur Third Secretary (Eco)

Mr. Pramod Sharma Attache (PS)


Dr. Shyam Prasad Katipalli First Secretary (ITOU)


Mr. Harikrishnan.G Counsellor (ISRO)

Press, Information & Culture Wing

Mr. Shambhulingappa Hakki First Secretary (PIC)

Mr.Yukesh Batra Second Secretary (PIC)

Science & Technology Wing

Vacant, Counsellor (S&T) 


Chancery Address: 2107 Massachusetts Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20008
Consular Wing Address: 2536 Massachusetts Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20008

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