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The Ambassador is the highest-ranking representative of the Government of India in the United States
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Deputy Chief of Mission

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Head of Chancery

A First Secretary heads the Administration of the Mission


The Commerce department is involved in a broad range of trade issues. It interacts with the US Department of Commerce, US Department of Labor, Office of the US Trade Representative and the US Department of Transportation. It advises US companies looking for information on India's products and export/import rules and regulations, as well as assisting Indian businesses on US trade issues.

Community Affairs

This department headed by a Minister coordinates the Embassy's interaction with the community organizations in the US, focusing on the Indian-American community.

Consular Department

This department issues visas to US citizens and to foreign nationals in the US traveling to India. It also provides passport and other consular services to the Indian citizens who live in the US, including limited legal assistance in case of emergency. Returning Indians/visitors to India are also guided about the prevailing health, and custom tariff regulations. A Minister heads the department.

Embassy of India
2536 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington DC 20008

On Visa matters
Telephone: (202) 939 9888
On OCI and PIO matters
Telephone: (202) 939 9889/9835
On Passport and Miscellaneous Services
Telephone: (202) 939 9864
Fax: (202) 797-4693

Defense Attachés

All three wings of the Indian armed forces (Army, Navy and the Air Force) are represented in the Embassy. Senior officers head their respective wings and advise the Ambassador on military affairs. They also maintain close contact with the US Department of Defense and their own counterpart services.

Defence Technology

Defence Technology is represented by a Counsellor.


A Minister heads the department and also represents the Indian Finance Ministry in the US. The Economic department deals with finance, monetary and investment issues of India and the US. It provides information on India's investment climate and as well as on India - US economic relations. Apart from handling bilateral economic and finance issues with the US administration, the Department also deals with issues relating to the World Bank and IMF.

Indian Space Research Organization

ISRO is represented by a Counsellor.


ITOU is represented by a First Secretary.

Press, Information & Culture

First Secretary (Press, Information & Culture), who is also the Embassy's Spokesman heads the department. This Department provides information on Government of India's policy, as well as general information relating to India. It is also responsible for issuing Press Releases and maintaining regular contact with the American and ethnic media.


The Political Department maintains close contact with the US administration, the Congress, the think tanks, and non-governmental organizations. The Department is responsible for dissemination of information on Indian political developments and, in turn towards the Indian government with a comprehensive view of US foreign and domestic policies of interest to India.

Science & Technology

Science & Technology department is involved in the Assessment and Evaluation of S&T strengths in US and acts as a pivotal point for promotion of interaction and building partnership of Indian Scientific Agencies and R&D personnel with their counterparts in USA. It provides information on US Scientific Research, Technology Environment and Patent Policy to the concerned departments in India. It also facilitates in Formulation and Signing of bilateral and multilateral S&T agreements. Science & Technology department is represented by a Counsellor.

Audit Wing

This department is headed by Principal Director of Audit.



Chancery Address: 2107 Massachusetts Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20008
Consular Wing Address: 2536 Massachusetts Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20008

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