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Mahatma Gandhi Memorial in Washington, DC Mahatma Gandhi Memorial in Washington, DC

Site of the Memorial & the Memorial Plaza

Site of the Memorial

The Mahatma Gandhi Memorial is located on a triangular island along Massachusetts Avenue on U.S. Park Reservation Number 58. The memorial is directly across the road from the Embassy of India. Defining the western tip of the triangular site, the Memorial plaza and statue are set against the backdrop of the existing canopy of trees including a 100-year-old Weeping Beech tree.


Memorial Plaza

Flanked by existing sidewalks which provide pedestrian access to the Memorial, the circular plaza is defined by gray granite pavers laid in a concentric pattern around the pedestal platform and statue. A six inch gray granite curb defines the plaza.

A low 5' long seat of ruby red granite is provided on the western side of the plaza. This gives the visitors a place to sit and reflect in direct view at the front of the statue.

Three inscription panels in ruby red granite, mounted on gray granite bases, are located on the eastern side of the plaza facing the park.

Based on the overall environment of the site and the relationship of spaces and materials, the architecture and sculptural aspects of the Memorial are designed to honour Mahatma Gandhi's simplicity, his philosophy of nonviolence and his commitment to world peace.