DST-Intel Collaborative Research for Real-Time River...
DST-Intel Collaborative Research for Real-Time River Water and Air Quality Monitoring

The Government of India and Intel have entered into a collaboration to initiate joint research for real-time river water and air quality monitoring. The online River Water and Air Quality Monitoring (WAQM) systems will  solicit proposals from Academic /Research Institutions for providing grant-in-aid support. 

             The program will be administered by the binational Indo-U.S. Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF). Those submissions which are selected will be provided grant-in-aid support, an amount of Rs 33 crore per annum has been set aside for this 5-year collaboration.

             The objective is to develop key technologies for sensing, communication and analysis of large-scale data collected from autonomous networks of perpetual sensor nodes. This will eventually lead to development and deployment of low-cost, low-power, autonomous wireless sensor networks to provide a fine-grained view of several critical water and air quality metrics over large geographic areas.

             IUSSTF will shortly announce the Request for Proposals for projects with interdisciplinary teams - one for River Water  and another for Air Quality Monitoring. The projects would normally be supported for a maximum period of 5 years and at a total cost ceiling of INR 15 crores.   (Please click here for the flyer)

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